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Why do you need a web site?

A web site will introduce your company's product and services to the world.  Your site is accessible 24/7 allowing customers instant information about your goods and services as well as providing a method of instant feedback for both you and your customer.  Ask yourself, could you increase your sales by expanding your sales floor?  A web site can accomplish this by letting you list your entire sales items on one web site  Would your sales increase if you had more locations?  With a web site you will increase your sale location through your entire neighborhood, city, state or even country.  Sales can be made through your web page unattended.  That's like have a salesman on the sales floor 24 hours a day.  If you own a business requiring reservations, availability and confirmation, this can all be done through your web site  With your web site you will have free product advertising of your goods or services.  Besides your competitor has a web site and is taking your clients away from you.  Check them out!

Who can benefit from a web site?

Do you own a home demonstration party business, repair service, guide service, taxidermist, camp ground, home made crafts, dog grooming, photographic service, DJ services, antiques dealer, wedding video taping service, home repairs, tax service, insurance sales, boat sales, delivery service, computer repairs, whatever your business, it can benefit from a well designed web site.  Even clubs or organization can have an advantage being on a web site. 

How can families benefit from a web site?

Web sites now are used as an information tool as well as a marketing media.  Web pages for special occasions like weddings or anniversaries are a useful tool to share information.  Date of the occasion, maps to where the occasion will take place can be posted on the web page, RSVP through the web (no postage needed).   Lodging or other related information can also be posted on our special use short term web page.  See packages or our portfolio page for more details.

What makes a good web site?

  • You want to do your best to get your point across quickly and simply

  • Your goal is to have your customer buy your product or service.

  •  You want to make sure that your customers can easily find the products or services that you would like them to purchase.

  • You also want to make the process of finding and purchasing those products or services fast and easy.

  • When we design your site we work hard to make sure that your site loads quickly.

  • Have your most important information near the top of your page so that your viewers do not have to scroll down the site to see it.

  • Make sure you are giving your viewers a reason to stay on your site and also a reason to come back to your site. Provide up to date information on your company and your products and services.

Designing Your Web site:

 Planning your site: 

Throughout our web site consultation we continually reinforce the importance of carefully planning your web strategy. Whether you’re a large national company or a small startup business, the importance of the planning stage should never be underestimated.   The planning phase is the most important and often overlooked step of the development process.

Following is an overview of our development process, which may vary depending upon the specific needs of our client and the level of client-requested service.

  • General needs overview

  • Development of goals and objectives

  • Analysis of the target audience

  • Graphical design requirements

  • Determine text content and image needs

  • Review of competitor and related sites

  • Review and consideration of site features and functionality

  • Hosting requirements

  • Available domain names

  • Site maintenance options


Structure of your site:

Once the planning stage is complete, the web site’s design and application structure are precisely laid out to ensure that all necessary features and functionality are understood and included.  We want to guarantee your web site holds the highest standards of your company’s image.    

  • Home page image

  • Number of required pages

  • Number of required page designs

  • Navigation flow and page placement

  • Navigation, text and image placement

  • Continue theme developed from the home page


Application of your site:

Once the site has been designed you, the client will review the functionality of the web site  Sub-page design should be consistent with the theme and feel of your home page.   Above all else, the applications must perform correctly, consistently, and be easy to use.

Any alterations should be made at this time.  A back check of the site plan is reviewed to see if all goals and objectives are met.



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